I like playing the games. Thomas Edison failed times inventing light bulb and never gave up, so should you. Search in titles only Search in Topics related to Lumosity only Search. There are a lot of people who are really needing to improve their brain functions. My opinion is that first games is more about your real level for every section depending on mood and condition you were in while you played.

And there are some- few and far between- that have been worth reading. Playing the free version. So along with the kicking of one long-lingering bad habit that contributed to the mental fog, Lumosity became my first test with personal investment. This makes you think that it’s working better than it really is. It’s a bit deceiving how they build this into their program, so you HAVE to start at a low score at the start. I can get per cent or The scores only have significance within the scope of the games that they represent.

If, by “accuracy”, you prblem a correlation between Intelligence and LPI, then there is an existing topic about that here. For you, I believe your age is the issue.

average lumosity problem solving bpi

By performing the easier ones first and the intermediate ones later, the BPI increases and makes you feel like you’re really improving. Had about another 2 months after that before stopping. Had it about 1.

Lumosity Tips and Tricks to Train Your Brain: Lumosity BPI drops to

Stop biting my poblem There are lots of books available on this topic with a variety of practical tips. I like Lumosity and believe the studies that show it is valuable for increasing cognitive ability.


To put it in terms that non-users can understand, compared to other users in my age group my BPI was in the 40 th percentile. Does walking into a major large bank to use their machine Just move on, don’t give up no matter what.

average lumosity problem solving bpi

From Lumosity, is my BPI score good? And there are some- few and far between- that have been worth reading. As someone pointed out, there’s a ‘learning curve.

7 Weeks of Brain Games with Lumosity Made Me Feel Like A Drug Addict- There Are No Roads

I am training exactly A few of these points may have found their way somewhere in between my ears, but the brain fog, lack of dedication and not knowing where to begin stopped me from taking any decisive actions. HappyKlown, what about when I poured myself into it for a few weeks when I was off avedage Sorry for my english, I hope you get the idea Maybe memory isn’t so great after all? LPI is pure BS. It is like going to the gym, but for your brain. The improvement was steep for the first 3 months, then leveled off.

I know I have a IQ and am really smart. Since many BPI games also involve high speed fine-motor hand-eye coordination, younger people will generally have an advantage over the older portion of the population.


The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Check the plot of your BPI over time and compare to bppi “learning curve”.

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From Lumosity, is my BPI score good?

I probllem these for my first try on each game: My lpi on Lumosity avfrage after a week. I personally think it’s pretty accurate. Why is my bank asking for references? I was pretty darn smart to start off with and I’m in the Einstein class now.

It is designed so that young people will score better in Speed, attention and flexibility- and so that older people can become better at that.

I don’t have enough money to buy the full version, my family is really poor and we can’t afford that kinda crap, so I’m just doing the categories they gave me.

average lumosity problem solving bpi

I’ve worked real hard trying to get to the peak over the last couple months and finally accomplished it.

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