Today, Quebec is far less central to the national agenda. Should we have our own navy, or simply contribute to the imperial fleet? The Canadian political thinker Charles Blattberg has argued that such events ought to be seen as part of a process in which Canadians advanced a “border” as distinct from a “frontier” — from east to west. These appointments took up many hours of debate in the House of Commons, in the Quebec media and in the pages of newspapers such as my own. And apart from a handful of ridings in and around Vancouver and Winnipeg and in Atlantic Canada it resonated nowhere else.

We are also having difficulty locating a pulse. To explain it fully would require a whole other essay. If it wants to become the governing consensus again, then it must understand who rejected it and why. Brampton West Immigrant population: This new Toronto that we are importing every decade is turning Ontario into a Pacific province. How do we patriate the constitution, and does that constitution need a bill of rights? We have agreed to take joint ownership, and we will see any challengers in court.

The theme of Confederation as a poor substitute for an economic empire was underlined in The Road To Confederation and Creighton’s biography of Macdonald.

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Lawrence [5] argued that the massive waterway of the St. The rest go West. Since at least the s, the dominant debate within Confederation has been how to accommodate Quebec. A Life in History. Ten years ago, 60 percent of all immigrants settled in Ontario.


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The metropolitan school studied “the effects of the East on the West, and largely regarded businessmen and conservative urban political elements as agents of national expansion who might well be more far-sighted in their outlook than were their agrarian opponents. One of them is tactical. His book, The Forked Road: The other was more socially progressive and focused on Central Canada. Whether the Kansas frontier would become “slave” or “free” kindled the American Civil War.

They were few enough in number that most of them knew many of them.

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InCreighton married Luella Bruce. Which is simply to say that those who believe the great dichotomy between the Laurentian Consensus and the Conservative Coalition is that the former descends from the Enlightenment, while the latter originated in shamanistic rituals of nomadic lauentian, should think again.

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For the Quebec question was always a question of what was wrong with the country. Creighton saw this as the first steps towards separatism. Many thousands of settlers, typified by Daniel Boonehad already reached KentuckyTennesseeand adjacent areas.

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It happened for one simple reason: Once Stephen Harper was able to once again forge a broad conservative coalition through the formation of the new Conservative Party, the Liberals found themselves out of power. This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat You might never have heard of the Laurentian Consensus, making it difficult either to thsis or celebrate its passing.

American frontierBritish colonization of the AmericasFrench colonization of the Americasand Spanish colonization of the Americas. The Southerners resisted Homestead Thfsis because it supported the growth of a free farmer population that might oppose slavery. The pendulum will swing again, but it will never return to exactly where it was. Today, Quebec is far less central to the national agenda. We see it along the Highway of Heroes. It may be that young Canadians, new Canadians, Western Canadians and Canadians everywhere who take pride in the accomplishments of this prosperous, successful, tolerant country are ready to slough off the ancient animosities that have dragged us down for so many years: The bonds between the Mississauga commuter, the Prairie farmer and the Okanagan vintner are too ephemeral at this point for us to describe them as one people with one world view.


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Lawrence River or its watershed. This may sound odd. The turnout was typically dismal.

Is this simply a question of right versus wrong? But in —the first election with the new united Conservative Party on the ballot—voters in 24 rural Ontario ridings decided they had more in common with Western conservatives than with urban elites in their own province.

laurentian thesis wiki

Lawrence and his two-volume biography of Sir John A. Toronto, Paurentian and Montreal could have continued to dominate Parliament, forcing the West into perpetual, and perpetually frustrated, opposition.

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