Students intending to transfer to a particular CSU campus or to a university or college that is not part of the California State University system should consult with a counselor when planning to complete the degree to verify that a particular college acknowledges and accepts the AS-T in Mathematics conferred by Golden West College. To do so you must:. Print and bring to class in week 8: If you miss the mandatory meeting, in addition to losing points, you will not be put in a group, or you will end up in a group with others who also failed to attend. Calendar, class notes, off-line homework assignments, Excel Group Projects and old exams.

To avoid missing deadlines due to the periodic assessments, finish your milestones well before they are due. Topics include data representation and analysis, randomization and sampling, measures of central tendency and variability, hypothesizing and statistical inference. Each day the instructor will direct students to work in groups to answer questions about one or more of the off-line homework problems, and then complete an exercise addressing similar content. Math This is the major pattern for students planning to transfer to a CSU. Week 12 Handout – Worksheet to be completed in class Print and bring to class in week In addition to exams, your grade in this course a variety of graded tasks: Attendance in the 1-hour Activity session is mandatory to receive credit.

Guessing does no good.

social homework csulb math 115

Mathematics G This course provides students with an introduction to the theory, techniques and applications of ordinary differential equations. Registration Instructions are below.

Find the times and days in the Schedule of Classes. MS — ; Ext. Get the most from sociial tutor! Pep Talk Hit the ground running Business Calculus is a 4 credit course.


This course is designed not only to meet college general education requirements but to help generate a positive attitude toward and an interest in mathematics.


From what you know already, ALEKS determines what you are ready to study and gives you a list of topics to choose from. Things to help you within WebAssign The gold ” Watch it ” button available on some exercises yields a video of a happy math teacher solving a similar problem.

Mark the problems for which you needed to watch the video or refer to your notes, so you can practice them again without help. LA5 Room Hours: A printout of cover sheet Get the cover sheet for Notebook Check 3 here.

social homework csulb math 115

Math Calendar of Assignments skcial. Excel Group Projects Mark your calendars for the mandatory in-class group meetingsin your activity during the week after each exam. The SI leaders are selected from a deliberated interviewing process that is conducted by the Learning Assistance Center on campus. Do your best to answer all or part of this practice problem, and then click ” Grade this. The education page of the Society for Mathematical Biology links to schools offering biomath degrees along with a description of the coursework needed.

social homework csulb math 115

At the third deadline, you will be awarded course credit if you have completed all of the topics. The dark yellow header-boxes are links. Off-line homework is graded as part of the Notebook check, three times during soial semester at the time of the midterms.

CSULB Math Business Calculus Information Page

Excel Project 1 Start Date: Topics include data representation and analysis, randomization and sampling, measures of central tendency and variability, hypothesizing and statistical inference.


The material covered in lecture. Entering your answers You have 30 tries to get each problem right, so don’t worry if you are uncertain. The Golden West College Mathematics Department offers a number of programs to satisfy the diverse needs of its students: Csulbb full credit, you should complete the following:.

Excel Group Assignment write-ups. Buy the bundle available at the bookstore, CengageBrain. Plan ahead Here is a calendar that includes the due dates for on-line homework and a schedule of activities and exams. Study efficiently by staying abreast of deadlines, and keeping your course materials organized.

It may not be suitable for students on a STEM degree pathway. The eventual intention behind using Operations Research is to elicit a best possible solution to a problem mathematically, which improves or optimizes the performance of the system. Your group report 1 per groupindividual report 1 per student and worksheets sociak per student are due at the beginning of your Activity in Week These three-hour per week sessions are a perfect way to add time on task to your calculus experience.

State and interpret the definition of derivatives, and compute the derivatives of basic and transcendental functions of one or more variables.

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