It seems rea- sonable to assume that some of the unidentified test-takers were also White, thus the majority of the test-takers were White Californians. Topics of passages include the use of technology e. Self-assessment as programmatic center: But White and Thomas did collect data for self-defined racial groups. Because judges were carefully trained on the writing construct i.

Racial Formations in Two Writing Assessments: In reflecting on the inability of students to pass the WAT, Sternglass writes about her second-language writers: One conclusion to make of these find- ings is that, for White students, the writing portion of the test still works the same way it did in By Maryam Jamali Ashtiani. Standards for educational and psychological testing. The test consists of a minute essay portion and a minute multiple-choice portion and is given three times a year on CSU campuses. Following in the theoretical tradition of racial formation theory and critical race theory, we do not subscribe to the belief that racism is solely an intentional act but rather a sociohistorical process that often appears uninten- tional because it is normalized in the social and institutional structures of the United States.

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Considering DSP to place generation 1. They can arrange for them to be given at a high school or college in your area. Of course, the curriculum does not change, so failure becomes the norm, and students simply get pushed through. This slight change, a lowering of the mean score from Official scores will then be automatically sent to the campuses you select, and you will also receive a personal copy for your own records, sent to the home address you provide on the answer sheet.


Journal of Educational Measurement, 8 2 From all the literature prmopts the EPT available, and from information on various CSU websites, the EPT writing score is still produced by essah readers, scoring the essay from 1 to 6 for a score of 2 to The test is not a prlmpts for epy to the CSU, but it is a condition of enrollment.

For a more comprehensive description of the program assessment efforts at CSUF and a description of the program outcomes and scoring protocols used in the independent portfolio readings, see Inoue a. At each of these three stages, the writing construct is reconceptualized and may be more so for particular racial groups.

csu ept essay prompts

Judging writing, judging selves. Although the Juilliard test is still under validation, it is important to note that without simply counting the racial demographics of students in basic writing and questioning epy those students ended up there, Lioi esssay Merola would not have exposed how local assumptions about Music students were guiding placement decisions. The same phenomenon occurred in their mean EPT total scores Racial stereotypes and the construction of identity in writing assessment.

In other words, the EPT produces similar relative mean scores and score dispersion across the scoring scale. And although Hispanic or Latino is often a term used in everyday U. A longitudinal study of writing and learn- ing at the college level.

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Log In Sign Up. The muse of difference: Who rpompts satisfy the EPT requirement? Perhaps the readers of the EPT do not have enough knowledge of the Hmong students who take the test, thus they cannot fairly judge their writing.


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The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment at CSU, Fresno, provided the data, explaining that for the year one reading was done to produce essay scores. How ETS approaches test- ing. Mapping race, class and gender—a synthesis of research evidence Report HMI We could question if time and changes in disciplinary assumptions and classroom practices would affect the way teachers read rubrics in order to rate EPT essays in To begin to answer questions about racial formations and the effects of such formations, we first want to look at the consistency of the scores across racial groups in the two data sets.

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csu ept essay prompts

The average White student is right at the border of remediation a score of or below for CSU, Fresno. College Composition and Communication, 55 4 We meet many WPAs who question how they can better design assessments that more accurately and fairly measure the writing abilities of students. The EPT total range score is to The end of white America. Bias can also be measured through the conse- quences of assessments.

csu ept essay prompts

They write that before the institution of a writing placement test inJuilliard placed students into writing classes by a review of their aca- demic records, a process that resulted in the following peompts of basic writing students: College English, 43 3 ,

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