Graduate Departments and Programs. Credit from any non-accredited institution or accredited institution not approved for graduate study will not be accepted for transfer. The candidate shall pass the examination if two-thirds of the official graduate faculty committee members so indicate. In cases where courses sought for transfer generate both undergraduate and graduate credit, students receiving transfer credit are expected to have elected the course s at the graduate level and thus have completed more qualitatively and quantitatively than those who have taken the course s for undergraduate credit. Failure to complete remaining requirements by the end of the next quarter will result in requiring the final examination to be retaken. Forms for applying for review may be obtained in the Office of Graduate Studies and Research or online at www.

Continuing Certificate Candidates for the continuing certificate must meet the following requirements:. The student is responsible for completing and signing the form and obtaining the necessary program and departmental signatures. At least 25 of the total required credits for the degree must be numbered or above. Graduate Studies and Research. Please see individual program requirements for specific information.

Master’s Degree Guidelines – Central Washington University – Acalog ACMS™

First, if successfully defended, it must receive the written approval of all committee members. The minimum number of members needed for a graduate committee will remain at three. Individual Studies certificates are prohibited. No research can be initiated prior to formal approval.

Renewal of the Residency Teaching Certificate The residency teaching certificate is valid for five years from the date of issuance and may be renewed once for a two-year period when the following requirements are met:. For the final examination, an outside representative of the graduate faculty will routinely be assigned by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.


The cumulative grade point average is calculated using all courses taken after admission into a graduate program, whether part of the approved course of study or not. This includes applicable work transferred from other institutions. The student is responsible for seeking academic advising in the department or program of the specialization chosen. Normally, an oral defense of thesis will be required.

Back to Top Print-Friendly Page. If approved by the thesis committee, a thesis approval page and the thesis grade report should be signed by all members of the committee after theais corrections, if any, are made.

Teachers interested in obtaining an endorsement from CWU should submit an application available online at www. General inquiries and information regarding the fifth-year program and teacher certification should be addressed to the certification director. Jointly written theses are not permitted.

Masters Degree Regulations

Some graduate departments also have a graduate coordinator. Attainment of a cumulative grade point average of 3.

The credit on the course of study must be separate and distinct from credit applied toward any other degree.

cwu thesis regulations

The cumulative grade point average is calculated using all courses taken after admission into a graduate program, whether part ceu the approved course of study or not. The Certification Office is open daily, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.

Masters Degree Regulations – Central Washington University – Acalog ACMS™

Completing Degree Requirements Final Folder Evaluation All graduate students must contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research for a final review of their file no later than the first week of their anticipated final quarter.

Thesis A thesis is a written study prepared by the student that demonstrates her or his ability to conduct original, independent research. Loads above 19 credits are not normally permitted. The application will not be completed without payment of binding and degree fees. Additional requirements established by specific departments and programs may be found in this catalog under the special headings of these units.


Interdisciplinary membership is strongly recommended. If requirements are not met, the student must reapply and pay the fees for degree conferral in a subsequent quarter. This should be indicated on the Option Approval form. Enrollment for this purpose should be completed during the usual early registration or regular registration periods to ensure degree conferral if requirements are met.

Animal Care and Use Approval Graduate students whose research involves vertebrate animal subjects may not commence research without first obtaining clearance from the Animal Care and Use Committee.

cwu thesis regulations

Please note that each graduate department is headed by a chair, director or coordinator who is responsible for working with graduate students in developing individual courses of study, establishing graduate committees, and in advising graduate students. They blend instructional and research activities and in so doing afford our graduate students the benefit of state-of-the-art research and creative experience with personalized instruction.

All degree requirements must be completed within the same or next quarter from the exam date. Working with the thesis committee chair, a graduate student will submit copies of the thesis to the committee at least two full weeks regulatione advance of the final examination. The Graduate Faculty The graduate faculty are professors, teachers and mentors, as well as active researchers and artists. Interdisciplinary membership is strongly recommended.

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