I also try to represent the population to highlight whether the study relates to individual differences, developmental, clinical issues etc. I took the opportunity to sneak a week ahead in my psychology studies to try and get a jump on exam revision. This is also a good way to create flow between paragraphs without getting bogged down with the insides of each paragraph. The research question I had chosen was one specifically suggested in the booklet giving all of the various options as something that would be valid and worth studying. It also gives a structure for the introduction and conclusion.

Lots of different names that might come up in an exam, but not a great amount of detail to remember about each. Why is this problem interesting? It might give you some general ideas for how to visually compare the findings from two studies. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: Here are the things I do during reading: The task described below forces you to practice writing in your own words and has the phenomenological flavour of active learning. Another thing to bear in mind is that I think this is an exercise in proposing a piece of research.

I took a week off to recover after residential school and am now playing catch up to get back on schedule though finding litearture that I can get away with not knowing the content of the chapters currently being studied in order to tackle the exam effectively is affecting my motivation.

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This is easily missed under the more formal conditions where you have to construct an argument to answer an essay question. This site uses cookies. Only 1, answers were submitted for the questions in the first section, 1, for the second section, and 1, for the third section.

One approach is to use these as your initial top level headings. This activity overlaps with the Feynman technique. Breaking down my exam results and of the three questions I answered, I got a 2 Bs and an A.


Speaking as a marker, one of the most frustrating things is knowing that the student is not talking to a reader but is just getting things down on paper because they have to! This is similar to how you get the best effect pushing a child on a swing if you synchronize each push with the top of the arc.

Hello Wason selection task, my old friend.

dd303 literature review

Sample literature review written by a US undergraduate psychology student with comments from tutors. Think of it as doing laps. This seems like literrature better approach to me as you can use the examples and associated literature to keep you broadly on track in terms of relevance and operationalisation whilst broadening the scope so that you can find a question which is interesting to you.

I started to use abbreviations methodically when I realised how helpful they are when testing your recall during revision and for writing exam answer plans.

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I write key terms that I use in blue. A bit of an odd week this one, spread over two days because I had to prepare for the arrival of a house-guest and then run around panicking that the logistics that were thought to have been agreed for the Cotswold Way relay on Saturday hit a road bump. Good to see old Kahneman and Tversky popping up.

Section headings are sometimes useful to add as key terms. It might give you some general ideas for how to visually compare the findings from two studies. Most interestingly to me was that in the third section, only 50 people attempted the middle question question 8 and in the second section, only 61 people attempted the last question question 6.

I think I will raise it with my tutor now.

With these little graphics in place, arrows are useful to then relate one study to another. I looked at exam questions when I was coming up with ideas for visual note-taking and thought it would be useful at revision time to be able to quickly scan notes to look at them reviiew different perspectives methods, populations etc.


First, you can do some research to see if you can find out why it is interesting. To find out more, including how to control cookies, fd303 here: It also has a number of other benefits.

dd303 literature review

I think you need to plan the way you use visual approach quite carefully to maximise their impact. One way into this is to find out how it relates to an area of the topic you already know does interest you. Here are the things I do during reading: I might include this chapter as a wild card in my exam strategy since I covered it in detail for my final philosophy essay.

Somewhat short OU guidance on how to conduct a literature review. I summarise the section in hand-written and drawn notes.

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I thought and skim-read some more and then ran into a new design in the discussion section of one of the papers I was using for one of my designs. The result of my final module, DD It maps extremely well onto the reading code approach presented in How to Read Journal Articles in the Social Sciences. Finally, I d3d03 question 9 and got an A along with of the other students who also attempted that question.

I found citation searches using Web of Science useful for locating recent studies which cite the essential and related papers provided in the project booklet.

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