While working as a sales engineer at Endeca, I was exposed to various industries such as retail, financial services, manufacturing, and eventually healthcare. Gardner and Yoo hoped that these comprehensive narratives would protect the reputations of physicians and institutions as they interacted over the long term with industry. The data was stored in different formats and impossible to join with a simple join key. These markets each offer opportunity, but the company must make some decisions. No one was asking: First, I became comfortable not knowing everything and even now, as a CEO, I am very open with my team and my Directors about what I do well and where I need support. As is often the case in early stage companies, these choices will affect a number of things, including organizational needs and capital requirements.

The eldest of 3 sons, Graham was surrounded by many family friends who were physicians and knew from a young age that he wanted to become a doctor. This publication may not be digitized, photocopied, or otherwise reproduced, posted, or transmitted, without the permission of Harvard Business School. Collecting the information released by pharmaceutical companies was not easy. The company was beginning to develop real traction in this market. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? You have all the tools to create the next great company. The companies were posting the data in different formats, referring to the same physician by different names John Reynolds vs.

Higgins and John Masko Citation: Finance Globalization Health Care. First, I became comfortable not knowing everything and even now, as a CEO, I am very open with my team and my Directors about what I do well and where I need support.

At the same time, they could develop individual portfolios of professional activities that would contextualize industry interactions. The pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics markets were expected to have single digit growth.


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After his parents completed their studies, Gardner moved to Scotland with his family where he kyurus for two years. They treat patients, conduct research, lead clinical trials, publish studies, work as consultants, get educated in different places, and train others as educators themselves. First, Kyruus could concentrate on the regulatory compliance market. That posed a very intriguing challenge — what were the characteristics and nuances of healthcare and life sciences that might prevent the optimal use of data and technology?

Intotal U. A third group argued for an even more aggressive approach: While many studt these institutions had robust conflict of interest policies, most of them relied upon physicians to disclose industry relationships. As Gardner listened to his team debate their strategy, he realized Kyruus had three options.

This option allowed the team to focus on a small client base of academic medical centers while perfecting the market positioning and product features for this audience. Toward the end of my training, my parents moved to Boston so that my father could help start a new company with a long-time family friend, Bob Langer.

That is how we got our first pilots. Early conversations with hospital CEOs and CFOs suggested that optimizing stucy referrals wtudy a top priority for hospitals. One member of the team noted that the identification of referral management as a product had originated from conversations with a medical device company. Healthcare was the one field where enterprise IT solutions that had demonstrated success in other verticals were not being readily adopted or successfully deployed.

You have all the tools to create the next great company. For the exclusive use of F.

kyruus case study

Pharmaceutical industry executives expressed interest in Kyruus developing more targeted marketing strategies. At the same time, Gardner loved the learning curve inherent in medical education and wanted to absorb as much as he could before leaving the clinical setting.


In addition, the iPad application platform for referral management had first been developed for a medical device sales force. Business and Environment Business History Entrepreneurship. We will write a custom essay sample on.

Kyruus could create a comprehensive data platform that organizations could use to manage risk and optimize value in the context of those relationships. Failure to adequately report potential conflicts of interest could threaten the federally-sponsored grant awards to institutions.

That summer, Gardner and Yoo got together to compare notes, and Yoo recalled: As hard as it may be for the Kyruus team, I think we really have to prioritize our understanding of the patient referral market and aim our product team in that direction.

Kyruus case Essay

Higgins and James Barnett Citation: Studies had demonstrated that physicians often failed to adequately disclose their industry relationships — leaving them exposed to public relations and regulatory risks. One of my favorite definitions of Big Data is when data itself becomes part of the problem you are trying to solve.

kyruus case study

I was very fortunate to get invited to join the Highland team after graduation and initially had every intention of being a traditional venture capitalist. How should Agag go about developing this new series? People were willing to tell us what they wanted and they were willing to pay a lot for it.

The first step for Kyruus is to enable basic access to and navigation of the information for different stakeholders across the healthcare system.

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