The findings will be summarized and reported in a group form. This group started with higher scores, perhaps indicating that they entered the testing with a higher aptitude, thus it would be likely that their scores would increase. Data were collected using four indices: However, because the students would have pre-knowledge on the topic of mechanical ventilation in respiratory therapy, the study design would need to be revised. Using PASW, the researcher analyzed the differences between the pre- and post-tests among each program, the differences between the pre-tests of both programs, and the differences between the post-tests of both programs. The pre- and post-test administration was explained to the course instructor and two packages that contained the informed consent forms, the pre-test, and the post-test were left at his office. Studies have shown that the design of instructional practices and pedagogy have great importance and correlation to the learning of students, particularly in the medical field.

New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 68, 3— However, to date, this question has not been adequately investigated. Thus, the entry scores and ability levels of the students may need to be taken into consideration in determining whether the results are valid. Although your participation in this study may not benefit you personally, we hope to gain information about the effectiveness of these two approaches and advance our knowledge about Respiratory Therapy Education. Hoffman and her team concluded that traditionally trained students differed from PBL students and that PBL-trained graduates acquired skills needed for professional practice. You will not be identified personally. The study involved 1, nurses who had received cardiopulmonary resuscitation training CPR at three major universities in Hungary.

The low oxygen alarm will sound. A higher initial test score may indicate a greater ability to learn at a quicker pace, and so any improvement in test scores may be due to student aptitude rather thesus to the method of teaching.


gsu respiratory therapy thesis

As a result, relevant literature sources for the study were limited, making it difficult to conduct a more extensive study of the topic. Which of the following ventilator alarm settings should be changed?


respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 24, — The study involved 1, nurses who had received thefapy resuscitation training CPR at three major universities in Hungary. As Table 4 shows, the unpaired t-test results in the traditional group sample GSU was 0.

Georgia State University

Reduce the mandatory rate until spontaneous breaths occur. Using Predictive Analytics Software PASWresults were analyzed using a dependent t- tests among each group and independent t-tests between the two groups. Help Center Find new research papers in: Lewis School of Nursing and Rexpiratory Professions director of graduate studies and research, or by me.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

However, the results do not fall within the realm of statistical significance, and thus they do not provide enough evidence to draw a conclusion that PBL is more effective than the traditional method. Finally, the lecture-based program reported that they use some form of PBL in their mechanical ventilation lab to some extent. A comparison of problem-based learning and lecture-based learning in an adult health nursing course.

A problem-based learning curriculum for occupational therapy education. PBL or didactic educational models were randomly selected for sites. The higher pre-test scores in the traditional method group could lead one to hypothesize that the group would see greater improvement.

A kg lb patient is receiving volume-controlled ventilation with the following settings: One possibility is that the higher initial test scores indicate a higher aptitude for learning respirattory the traditional method group.

A patient who weighs 60 kg lb is sedated and receiving volume-controlled ventilation. Respiratory Respitatory Clinics of North America, 11 3— Lynda Georgia State University ; Respiratory therapy. Comparing the effects of problem- based and thesus curricula in an international sample. Exclusion Criteria Students who had a degree in respiratory therapy or who had had prior experience in mechanical ventilation as on-the-job-training were excluded.


Goodfellow for all the time and assistance she afforded me during my research.

gsu respiratory therapy thesis

According to Hoffman et al. The admission GPAs of both groups were also different, although this respirtory not investigated here, it is important thegapy consider. Respiratory Therapy; About Health Informatics. Chest radiograph reveals bilateral infiltrates consistent with pulmonary edema.

Traditional classroom curricula emphasize the presentation of content information through a lecture format whereas the PBL method relies on the introduction of real-life problems as a means to facilitate self-directed learning Beachey, Specifically, this study investigated whether there are any differences in the mean score results of a pre- and post-test between students in a BS program with PBL and students in a BS program with traditional educational methods.

respiratory therapy thesis gsu

Support for the problem-based approach. Post-test USA The highest possible score on the post-test, again, was The researchers relied on t-tests and exam respiratkry. The effect of teaching method on objective test scores: The PBL group on the other hand, spent 72 hours as group discussions in a PBL format and 46 hours as enrichment lectures as well as 13 hours in lab practice in their mechanical ventilation course.

These questions should take approximately minutes of your time to answer.

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