Unfortunately, as is customary with legal disputes involving WordPress that receive widespread criticism, Jeffr0 closed the comments on that post, effectively shutting down the conversation. Regardless of how this turns out for me, I hope I can make someone else think twice before handing their money over to DIYthemes. I find it really expensive using Thesis 2 because it is not compatible to majority of WordPress plugins and other coder creating their own box like related post box and sell it to others. But then — which WordPress frameworks have you found that offers that kind of functionality? But check out KolaKube. Genesis is good, just note that you need to work with CSS to customize it.

Preview mode doesnt work correctly. The font had changed. Who wants something that makes life so difficult when there are so many easier choices out there. And I said while it often choses to wrap a single row of items, for some layouts it does not. Why am I wasting my time on this Thesis thing?

As difficult as riding a moto in the dark and blinded.

thesis pearsonified skin

You need to make a child theme with it, and style it with CSS from the ground up. I agree with another poster here concerning the forum moderators, though. From the perspective of ideological consistency, if you require that everyone else adhere to your requests for trademark protection, then pearsnoified ought to extend the same courtesy and respect to others.


Network Blogger Responsive Skin https: I think the most important place to start is by asking: The design editor is very intuitive once you get the hang of it. But those widgets are often useless.

Thesis 2 Skins – Where are they?

So cool that you actually got him a well-deserved, though sad, F rating. I guess everyone is finally learning how to use Thesis 2 all by themselves. I pearsoonified purchased Thesis early on, but before long I drifted over to Headway which I absolutely love!

thesis pearsonified skin

Network Content Impact Responsive Skin https: Hey Michael Please elaborate on the issues you have with Headway 3, as I have none with the current and latest versions. After all, I paersonified many of the thesis 2 features under Thesis 1. What a huge disappointment it was.

Downloaded it and played with it and actually never succeeded to really make something out of it myself. I much prefer and heartily recommend Headway as the WordPress theme framwork of choice. Following a great tutorial someone put together in for version 1 and was just going to edit CSS variables until Pwarsonified find that the CSS model has depreciated. I keep hearing good things about Catalyst.

Thesis 2 Skins – Where are they?

Thanks for chiming in Erica! Not always right, but nevertheless clever. You’ve got the latest and greatest! It was waaaay to difficult.


thesis pearsonified skin

Glad you like Headway, overall. Common sense was in play here, too: Its chapter on contrast has really stuck with me.

Thesis Skins – Free and Premium Skins for Thesis 2 Theme

I have one question. Will take a look at it when the site comes up. On the morning of July 8, Automattic sent over the finalized settlement, and both parties were set to execute it…. After reading his counter, I felt like this negotiation was dead pearsonlfied arrival.

DIYthemes Thesis 2.0 – Less Than Impressed. Depressed.

Maybe I should just get all three as I probably will anyway. Headway Themes recently introduced their take pearsobified a skin solution, and it is ultra elegant! My attorney did not think an addendum showing a traceroute from thesis. I run ads on my site, so responsive design wreaks havoc until Adsense is smart ;earsonified to detect and push out mobile friendly ads. I just picked up Ultimatum was on salehonestly this looks like it might be the sleeping giant.

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