Escauriaga, Head of the Information Resource Management Division in the Philippine Commission on Women, she have told the researchers that there are numerous reports of violence on Women by mostly drunk husbands but there has been no case filed against such offenders for the women who filed a complaint do not proceed with filing a case because of personal matters. Most of the respondents expressed that they have acquired awareness on intimate partner violence from watching television. The fact remains that the causal link between violence against women and pornography is yet to be proven convincingly and remains the subject of much debate. He enumerated the following: After all, those who are involved in the implementation of the R.

Thus, an allegation of physical abuse is considered as a persuasive factor in the grant of a protection order. Keywords – RA ; women; children; intimate partner violence; IEC; anti-violence, violence against. Research – It is the systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic or problem. Childhood experiences and the witnessing of harmful forms of masculinity also appear to play a crucial role. Scope and Delimitation of the Study…………………….. Anti-Violence against Women and Children Law is a research study on the law implementation effects of it in the respondents. KPM 5A59 3.

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In addition, the descriptive method is an accurate way to measure assessments, processes and the like. The last thesie shows that most respondents are strongly aware of the different penalties under the Anti-VAWC law. Profession Profile of the Respondents…………………. Integrity, Honesty, Calm under Pressure, and Strength–may be the first things that come time mind.

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The researchers decided to choose the aforementioned respondents tgesis the most qualified respondents due to the fact that they are more knowledgeable of the duties and responsibilities, trained and exposed when it comes to the implementation of the said law. This will provide them an information and updates about the status of R.

The State also recognizes the need to protect the family and its members particularly women and children, from thedis and threats to their personal safety and security IRR of R. Anti-Violence against Women and Children Law.


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The respondents were 96 women who were selected through purposive sampling with the inclusion criteria that they must be at least 16 years old and living with a partner.

Treatment of Data The researchers used Descriptive Statistics to describe the basic features of the data in a study. The researchers recommend government officials to provide regular baranggay-level women empowerment orientations and Anti-VAWC Law seminars to teach women and children the rights and protection guaranteed by the Anti-VAWC Law for them against abuses and violence which they may get.

Specifically, the researchers used the fish-bowl method, as it is the most commonly used type of random sampling. In this research study, the researchers limits its respondents to selected women aged 20 and above who are a resident of Brgy.

I know that battery covered under VAWC Law is an act of inflicting 5 4 3 2 1 physical harm upon the woman or her child resulting to physical and psychological distress.

It also leads to other social problems such as families breaking down and children being left behind. What the researchers wanted to do is to assess the effectivity of this law to lessen violence and abuses against women.

Violence against women and their children VAWC — it refers to any act or a series of acts committed by any thesia against a woman who is his wife, former wife, or against a woman with whom the person has thseis had a sexual or dating relationship, or with whom he has a common child, or against her child whether legitimate or tnesis, within or without the family abode, which result in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, psychological harm or suffering, or economic abuse including threats of such acts, battery, assault, coercion, harassment or arbitrary deprivation of liberty.

It was pasture field which has now turned into a highly urbanized city. Sexual Violence Identify the common 2.


Establish and staff a new agency or assign authority to an existing agency and personnel. Number of Cases filed to Violence against Women and Children There are numerous reports of violence on Women by mostly drunk husbands but there has been no case filed against such thsis for the women who filed a complaint do not proceed with filing a case because of personal matters as based on the records of Brgy.

Additionally, since the term pornography refers to a whole range of explicit content, including homosexual adult pornography, it cannot be argued that all pornography objectifies women or glamorises violent treatment of them. Since respondents belonging to this age bracket are expected to be able to make good judgments for they are considered as adults. Furthermore, according to Ms. Among these reliefs, the one most commonly prayed for by the victim-survivor is the restraint on the respondent from committing acts of violence or from communicating with the victim-survivor.

After the retrieval, the thseis SQs were tabulated and were forwarded to the Statistician for statistical treatment.

Arantxa Stefi Leyva Santos.

Women’s Awareness on the Law on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children

Recognizing that the economic, political, and sociocultural realities affect women’s current condition, the State affirms the role of women in nation building and ensures the substantive equality of women and men.

According to the census, it has a total population ofThe researchers used 0.

thesis ra 9262

Also, the law protects the family as a very important institution. Solutions to the Limitations of RA: Help Center Find new research papers in: Children usually trust their fathers. The self-made questionnaire was validated and revised according to the comments of the other respectable researchers.

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