It’s taught by Professor Hazelwood, I am not taking this course right now but again, I am really interested in this course cause I am curious how my module in Psychology can get me future potential jobs but it’s time schedule is conflicted with Clinical Psychology course so I am in quite a difficult decision to take whether Psych B or Psych B this term. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Psychology B – Introduction to Clinical Psychology It’s taught by Professor Frewen, I am really interested in Clinical Psychology and thinking of pursueing it in med or grad school but found the materials from introduction lecture really, really dry. He asks some pretty particular questions Posted October 12, Hi, so i need to pick two more credits that are electives and I really just want courses that are essentially easy to help me adjust to university from high school by not having a huge course load. Posted October 13,

The two essays are extremely easy to ace. The exams also consist of readings from another textbook all of which are MC questions. Create a New Account. Psych – Research Methods – The lecture is pretty average. You are making assumptions that OP has no idea what they want to do for their future.

uwo essay bird courses

Plus heard prof is not that great. Posted January 2, The grade level would be Grade 10 math and Grade 11 physics.


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UWO first year bird courses. What else did you take this recent semester superman? However, on the exams she asked a question about a movie that was played in class. Posted August 27, Unfortunately, I’m not permitted to take computer science because it’s a “category C course” and I can only easay courses either from the arts or social sciences. There’s a course at Western that awards credit for listening to your favourite soundtrack on coursss

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Posted August 20, Comp sci is a bird course at UWO? Posted August 17, Sign In Sign Up.

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So I imagine most high-achievers would not find it that hard This course requires very little studying. Any recommendations on HS courses? How important are the supplementary readings from the textbook when it comes to the exams? Most potential employers won’t know they’re bird courses either, so your high marks in those courses will suggest that you really know your computers. Many people from MOS take this course as it is more business oriented i guess.

uwo essay bird courses

You can definitely get the high grades with work, but even with a biology background such as my own, it was a lot of work. Posted Bid 1, If I recall correctly, you had the option of picking 5 of 7 definitions, 3 of 4 short answers and 1 of 2 essays, for the typical midterm.


UWO first year bird courses

You gotta listen to recordings or go over the notes well to pick up details that he may test you on. It’s been a while for me, but, yeah, those comp sci courses have been bird courses for a long time now. If you need easier higher level courses for EE then consider taking: The entry exam doesn’t count for marks, it’s simply there to place you in the proper french stream. Thanks I am taking the online ones, so not sure if it is taught by the same prof.

The course is offered at Brescia, the affiliate college at Western. If you are good at french, remember it’s important to fail the cougses exam to get into this course.

Razear wrote Comp sci is a bird course at UWO?

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Not sure about HS courses, most of them are restricted to HS students only. Don’t have account, Sign Up Here. Can you just rely on lecture material?

uwo essay bird courses

Just read the lecture slides and the textbook and you’ll do well. Just take what interests you and work hard to earn the grade you want.

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