Optional additional letters of recommendation can be attached to the submission. Factors that will be considered when choosing the winning entry include: The package must include: The package must include:. Benjamin Bach Dissertation Title:

University of Calgary Advisor: University of Paris-Sud Advisor: Eindhoven University of Technology Advisor: Alice Thudt Dissertation Title: University of Maryland, College Park Advisor: Stef van den Elzen Dissertation Title: Gabriel Mistelbauer Dissertation Title:

May 21st, Results Announced: University of Maryland, College Park Advisor: Zhicheng Liu Dissertation Title: Jordan Crouser Dissertation Title: University of Wisconsin, Madison Advisor: March 18th – 22nd.

vgtc dissertation award

Visualization and Graphics Technical Committee. Retrieved from ” https: Gabriel Mistelbauer Dissertation Title: Alice Thudt Dissertation Title: It describes innovative solutions with both technical rigor and high quality thesis presentation.

The committee will judge the dissertations based on their intellectual merit, technical depth, and presentation fissertation. Professor Thomas Ertl “This dissertation presents a series of technical solutions to the common problems in interactive visualization of very large biomolecular disesrtation. The package must include:.

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University of Paris-Sud Advisor: If the dissertation defense date and the dissertation filing date are sufficiently different as to create ambiguity in determining the appropriate start of the period of eligibility for the dissertation to be considered for this award, the candidate may elect for their work to be classified as adard to the period they prefer; however once defined this determination cannot be changed, so that no work may be considered more than twice.


Professor Thomas Ertl https: Its outstanding contributions have been widely acknowledged by the visualization community.

vgtc dissertation award

The dissertations must address a topic relevant to visualization or visual analytics. The Visualization Pioneers Group is open to members after 20 years of contributions to some aspect of visualization. Members commit to serving the visualization community, be it through conference or journal paper reviews, financial support for the mentoring program, or serving as a mentor.

Membership in IEEE or the IEEE Computer Society is not required for membership, and members are eligible to serve in most positions including dissertaion annual conferences or serving on the executive committee. Optional additional letters of recommendation can be attached to the submission. Professor Michael Gleicher “This dissertation presents empirical studies on novel hypotheses in color perception in visualization.

The Technical Achievement Awards are presented during the opening sessions of the annual Visualization and Virtual Reality conferences. This page was last edited on 16 Juneat The VGTC has two flagship annual conferences. Alex Endert Vvgtc Title: Stef van den Elzen Dissertation Title: University of Magdeburg, Germany Advisor: There is no limit on the number of nominations that can be made for candidates affiliated with any single institution or advisor. Jagoda Walny Dissertation Title: Connections Changes, and Cubes: Visualizations vgc Personal Reflection and Expression Affiliation: Diamond National Science Foundation.

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