Ok since you are an Electronics graduate, tell me what is a diode? So you are all about content writing? Every one smiled , seemed very satisfied , convinced and light hearted!! Now I was 3rd in the panel and among all, I had my longest interview and an average or I can say weird interview for me. Gave my prepared answer..

Name any other female at such a high position. The program is designed to develop highly competent human resource professionals. Spoke about qualities acquired in engg. What is meaning of your name? The last date to fill up the application form is May 31,

Was member of college sponsorship team Me: The bank involved was PNB.

WAT Topics for IIMs, Written Ability Test Topics, WAT Topics for CAT

Distribution of brochures, annual reports, product samples and souvenirs are some of the methods used by companies to enhance brand awareness among the students. I meant suggestion, sir.

I explained 2 images to them that was present and what I have interpreted by seeing them. I entered, greeted and was offered a seat. Why low gradesa year gap Reply: Nail your next technical interview from your dream company.

Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar | XIM Bhubaneswar | XIMB

Do you remember the name of your school principal? You are given approximately five minutes for the WAT. How was your FMS, Delhi interview experience? xikb


How will you target? Also you must have studied Embedded systems as a subject. The discussion was planned for 8 minutes. Is your college a govt aided one? Okay, but take our advice with a pinch of salt you should do MBA after gaining some work experience. What is the level of interview for XIMB? It has some other values which I took and it was about time management and various other learning as well toipcs of becoming a monk.

ximb essay topics

That’s my forte Ma’am. It has evolved in response to the demand for professionals with the knowledge and expertise to work in Rural communities and markets, in businesses as well essaj the development programs of government and civil society organizations.

WAT Topics for IIMs, Written Ability Test Topics, WAT Topics for CAT

XIM,Bhuwaneshwar GD consisted of 3 panel members who were the interviewers themselves and group consisted of 12 people.

I have read in quota earlierkeep smiling P1: Eszay I don’t follow as such but I just love seeing art and the technological advancement to it. This is the flagship programme of the Institute, comparable to the MBA level programmes of premier business schools in India and abroad.

ximb essay topics

Have you visited the pond out there? Sir, email marketing and… AOP: Told them all three scores AOP: You have two minutes for thinking and another eight minutes for GD after which you have WAT on the same topic in which you either write for or against the topic. The last date to fill up the application form is March 31, Entered the room there were 3 people sitting let say P1, P2, and P3, I greeted them and they asked me to sit. Such applicants must submit a Certificate from the Head of the Institution stating their position at the time of interview.


I can also read out the book if you want or if you are interested I can recite a poem of mine They seem really interested in poem!

The selected candidates will be informed by mail in the month of April School Necessary Qualification for Doctoral Studies: Equally, it is a source of great encouragement for the institute when these alumni come back to recruit and orient their young counterparts into the realm of the corporate world.

You just have to show the interviewer your ability to think and how good as a student you can be. It is not necessary to be a master of everything- stellar academics and extracurriculars to get through.

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